Check out the latest newsletter from Northcott Neighbors: Spring 2013 Quarterly Newsletter

Are there people in your congregation looking for exciting opportunities to serve as neighbors to the larger community around them? Are there people among your members who feel a call to make a difference in the lives of young people, especially vulnerable in these uncertain times?

Northcott Neighbors was created to rebuild and create new partnerships between Metro area congregations and this vital ministry. We have worked to reach out to our church communities to broaden and diversify the support base of this crucial ministry which celebrated its 50th anniversary in May 2011.

Northcott Neighbors recruit volunteers who assist teachers in their classrooms and on field trips, and provide classroom and curriculum resources to enhance educational programs, such as Head Start classes. Northcott Neighbors members have also updated and repaired the children's playground equipment and freshened the center's landscaping. In addition, congregations help to keep Northcott's food pantry well stocked.

To arrange to donate materials or to serve as volunteers, please contact one of the Northcott Neighbors listed below. Peace be with you!

  • Rev. Susan Haller, Deacon - Emmanuel Community UMC:
  • Jeff Edwards, Lay Rep - Kenwood UMC: